Stapelstein Rusty Owl Designer Collection 6 pack Classic Confetti Bowls

Stapelstein Rusty Owl Designer Collection 6 pack Classic Confetti Bowls

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Stapelstein Rusty Owl Designer Collection 6 pack Classic Confetti Bowls

Movement, colour theory and fun!”

This combination selected by our team at Rusty Owl Sunbury.

6 Classic Confetti Bowls

Stapelstein is a range of modular building blocks made from high-quality, eco-friendly materials. These versatile blocks can be stacked, combined and rearranged in endless ways to create anything from furniture to architectural structures. Whether you're looking to build a simple shelving unit or a complex architectural design, Stapelstein has you covered. With their smooth, non-toxic finishes, these blocks are safe for kids and pets, and they're also easy to clean. So why wait? Start building your dream creation today with Stapelstein!

Please note that Stones and Boards sometimes come with very small variances in their colouring, e.g. a small spot of more highly saturated colour than the rest of the piece. This can happen during the manufacturing process and is not considered a fault.”


"Bring out your little ones' creativity with Stapelstein! Our eco-friendly modular building blocks encourage imagination and problem-solving skills. Not to mention, they're safe and non-toxic for kids to play with. Give your kids the gift of endless possibilities with Stapelstein #BuildingWithStapelstein #KidsActivities #EcoFriendlyFun"

Stapelstein can be used anywhere

  • Age Group: preschool 3 to 6, toddler 1 to 3

“Bring movement into your life” Germany based Stapelstein have created colourful stacking stones to offer a holistic range of exercise and support for children from 1 years of age.

These sustainably made stacking stones can enrich the children’s room and encourage imagination and flexibility Founder of Stapelstein, Stephan, built the company after seeing that there too little attention paid to children’s basic needs and more specifically, the natural urge to move that a child always has. With a simple solution, Stapelstein creates incentives for children to move. Whether using stacking stones, a balance board or a standing workstation for adults – the bright coloured products are extremely versatile!