Kick Bricks

Kick Bricks

Having tested the bricks on hundreds of kids (& quite a few adults) we thought it’d be a good idea to bag some up & let everyone have a go. We hope they enjoy them as much as us & we’d love it if you’d share your photos & videos on our Facebook page, Instagram or You Tube channel for the chance to win some cool prizes. KICKBrick® - Keeping your kids quiet for a bit 😉

I’d say the top 3 things that I have learnt in the past 7 years as a pre-school coach are that :

• Children love to be challenged

• They love structured but lively play

• & they also love to knock things down !

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We've heard so many wonderful stories about how Kickbrick Toys have helped children hit their milestones, inspired movement, and development through play! 

Disclaimer: We at KICKbrick® are not responsible for what the kids do with the bricks. The uses are suggestions only.

Please do not use to build actual houses, they WILL blow over.

Parent supervision for under 3 year olds. Australian and New Zealand
toy safety standard AS NZS ISO 8124 tested

To make it as easy as possible to get your Kickbrick Toys through NDIS