Debresk Big Natural Wooden Train.

Debresk Big Natural Wooden Train.

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Debresk Big Natural Wooden Train.

Debresk Wooden Toys Since 1987

The Big Train comes with 3 beautifully crafted pieces. This fantastic wooden Train is truly marvellous! Carved in the finest wood it is extremely smooth and leaves much to your child’s imagination, which is what childhood is all about! A toy that will be treasured long into adulthood!

The three-piece Big Train is made from solid Pinewood, with details and accents in Birch, and is finished with a light coating of Linseed oil. Beautifully crafted by Debresk in Sweden.

Dimensions: Approximately 65cm x 11cm x 12.5cm when all carriages are joined together.

  • Brand: Debresk
  • Age Group: toddler 1 to 3