Overstock Grimm’s Stacking House Natural

Overstock Grimm’s Stacking House Natural

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Grimm’s Stacking House Natural

Grimm’s wooden stacking house puzzle is a versatile stacking toy for toddlers. The Simple house form is versatile enough for small children and preschoolers to stack, sort and build. As the child’s imagination develops this natural wooden house can be used in imaginary play, a fence for animals, a tunnel for vehicles, a house or it can be used to build amazing sculptures… this toy will always have the ability to be integrated into building and imaginary play.

Comprises: 5 rainbow natural wooden pieces.
Materials: lime wood, non-toxic oil based finish
Dimensions: 13cm x 6cm x 13cm

  • Brand: Grimm's
  • Age Group: preschool 3 to 6, toddler 1 to 3