Candles Beeswax  – Rainbow 7 PACK
Candles Beeswax  – Rainbow 7 PACK
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Candles Beeswax – Rainbow 7 PACK

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Candles Beeswax  – Rainbow 7 PACK

Set of 7 Rainbow Beeswax candles packed in hessian style bag.

Pure Beeswax Tapers.  Traditional European Thins.
Height: Approx 11cm Diameter: 12.5mm

Note: Hand dipped product may have some small variation in diameter and height.
Burn Time: approx. 2.5 hours per candle.
These are THIN candles and will suit many traditional European, or ‘chime’ holders.
Perfect for Waldorf Celebration Rings. 

Rainbow candles are made the same way as our other tapers, – from pure beeswax, but are cut from frames early, and receive a final dip (one at a time) into special coloured wax vats designed for the purpose. 

  • Age Group: decoration (not for play)