Bauspiel Plus Loose Blocks 12 Pieces

Bauspiel Plus Loose Blocks 12 Pieces

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Bauspiel Plus Loose Blocks 12 Pieces

Bauspiel Plus Blocks 12 pieces loose.

This robust Bauspiel set of Plus Blocks invite big play, with three sizes of blocks on offer as core structural pieces and/or integrated into the flow of open ended creative play. It complements the larger set of Bauspiel Plus Blocks (36 pieces) when just a few more pieces are needed for extended construction!

Made of alder wood, with strong dowelled joints and simply oiled, these Plus Blocks are a wonderful addition to providing a nourishing play environment for children. Bauspiel blocks offer an authentic sensory experience, with blocks pleasant to touch and with a solid weight to hold in the hand.

l: 7.5 / 12.5 / 22.5 cm, w: 7.5 cm, d: 2.5 cm

Foil wrapped.