Bauspiel Fairy Tale Tower Set 75 Pieces

Bauspiel Fairy Tale Tower Set 75 Pieces

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Bauspiel Fairy Tale Tower Set 75 Pieces

Bauspiel Fairy Tale Tower Set 75 pieces

Create your own Fairy Tale Tower by mixing up the 75 parts to create a colourful and enchanting imaginative construction, to populate with little people, dragons and more  (available as separate items).

Our Fairy Tale Tower Set includes the following 3 products: the Building Pillar Stairs in green/blue, the Pillar Feet and the Pillar Tops.

These quality wooden blocks in shapes such as cones, pillars, hemispheres and minarets invite little hands to build, stack, sort, create and bring into open ended play as a foundation for healthy child development.

Gallery image shows the Fairy Tale Tower together with other Bauspiel items including Fairy Tale Windows coloured (0240), Building Tiles (0174) and Little People (0118) which are available separately.

Building Pillar Stairs,
25 pieces, pillars Ø 4.5 cm, h: 4 – 20 cm

Pillar Feet, 25 pieces,
Ø 6 cm on outside, h: 2 cm

Pillar Tops,
25 pieces, Ø 4,5 – 6 cm, h: 1,5 – 6 cm

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