Fagus produce exceptional quality wooden toys in Germany

Toys for Generations

fagus® toys are not fast-paced, disposable products, but are made to be passed on for generations in a family, ensuring children’s enjoyment over many years of play.  For fagus®, producing durable toys is an expression of appreciation for the child and the environment. Each Fagus toy is hand made using solid beech wood. No nails or screws are used, only dowelling. All Fagus wooden vehicles are varnished. They are made to the highest standards and are designed to last!

Many of the Fagus vehicles have won the “Spiel Gut” good toy designation, awarded to toys of great educational and play value.

Sustainable Natural Wood

Fagus believe that the quality of wood has a positive effect on employees, parents and children at the same time. Whoever has fagus® had vehicles in their hands knows what this means. Grown over decades and shaped by nature, wood has everything it needs to make really good toys. That’s why fagus® do not use any metal parts in the making of their toys: the various parts of the vehicles are connected by interlocking, doweling and gluing. The surfaces are treated with a transparent varnish that protects the wood while keeping its structure visible, so that children can experience it with all its history and characteristics. Thus, the fagus® story of is also a story of trees, which gives the brand its name “Fagus” meaning “beech” wood in Latin.


Genuine Togetherness

fagus® is committed to providing meaningful jobs for people with special needs who, through handiwork, are made to feel they are an important part of the community, allowing them to develop individually. Their work results in high quality toys that in both form and function are designed with the child’s needs as the focal point. This is how fagus® creates multiple benefits for their employees, for parents and children, and for society as a whole.

By offering meaningful work in its workshops in Borken, fagus® offers all employees the opportunity to play a valuable part in the production of our toys. From the very first idea through to the finished toy, the production of the vehicles is marked by great craftsmanship and partnership with each other. Working side by side, high-quality vehicles are created, receiving at the same time all the qualities that make them particularly valuable for parents, children and employees.