Soft Doll Evi Cuddle Baby Red
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Soft Doll Evi Cuddle Baby Red

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Soft Doll Evi Cuddle Baby Red

This sweet Cuddle Baby Waldorf Doll is a perfect doll for a toddler or young preschooler.

Filled with 100% clean and carded wool, and clothed in soft cotton velour, this doll earns its name by being warm and cuddly. Just a bit of hair peeks out from under this baby’s hood.

Made by hand by Evi Dolls, a cooperative of women Waldorf doll makers in Brazil.

100% cotton interlock skin; mohair wool yarn hair; 100% sheep’s wool stuffing.

Length 25cm

  • Brand: Evi
  • Age Group: baby 0 to 1, toddler 1 to 3