Grimm’s  Decoration Vase  White
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Grimm’s Decoration Vase White

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Grimm’s Decoration Vase  White

Grimm’s White Vase Decoration

This handmade miniature pottery vase is wonderful for decorating with flowers on the Grimm’s Birthday Rings, the Birthday and Advent Spiral and smaller Grimm’s Candle holders.  Whether on a birthday table, or on the nature table, these beautiful vases bring the freshness and beauty of nature to every occasion and create something special to remember.

Compliment with decorative figures that have meaning for your child, maybe there’s a favourite story or animal? Or set up small decorative scenes seasonally.

Each vase is unique
Material: handmade piece of pottery.
Size: height 6cm

  • Brand: Grimm's
  • Age Group: decoration (not for play)