Salisbury Grange


Welcome to Salisbury Grange!

Salisbury Grange is all about making it easy for everyone to grow amazing organic flowers and vegetables at home and to take care of the environment at the same time.

The name Salisbury Grange was inspired by my beloved grandparents and their garden in the Brisbane suburb of Salisbury where they grew food for over 50 years.

I always had an inkling that I should ask them to teach me how to grow things; but I never did. Years later I moved into their house, and planted some things in their garden and everything sprung up and thrived. It gave me two important lessons: quality soil and a good start is everything!

I started Salisbury Grange from the backyard of my property in Toowoomba and have expanded to Northey Street City Farm in Brisbane, where I’ve got two goals: to build the calibre of my grandparents’ soil for myself and to give kids with the potential to be the future cooks, artists, inventors and nature-lovers a good start with easy gardening skills, because the world needs it.

Most importantly, I created my company because it is what I wished was available when I started growing my own produce and needed a guide. It is meant to be EASY and FUN! I’m hoping you enjoy growing at home, from a pot of basil, to a row of lettuce, to a field of sunflowers. Go big!

Phoebe Grealy